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August View Smart Doorbell

The August View smart doorbell is just about the perfect smart doorbell/surveillance system for your home. Most other smart doorbells require hardwiring for power while this one runs on battery-power. Although this does cut down on some efficiency and speed, August has found a way to harness the tech used in the majority of smart tech today and implemented it in this doorbell.

There are many things this gadget can do. You can connect it to Google Home and Apple Home so it can cooperate with other gadgets such as smart light, lamps, thermostats, cameras, and home assistants. Another one of its marvelous features is to view the camera feed. If someone rings the doorbell, you can view the feed from the camera so you know what’s coming through the door. And unlike a lot of other smart doorbells and surveillance systems, August View keeps a 24-hour backup of all its captured. The Nest Hello doorbell only has this feature with their paid plan while August View does it for free. You can also configure phone notifications for every time your doorbell rings. If you’re outside, you can view the doorbell and text the person who’s there, “Sorry! We’re not home!”

The August app is very user-friendly, and according to a review by Megan Wollerton on CNET, it does a great job at guiding people through using the doorbell and its app.