Ismaeel Akram

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Bigger Upwards, Not Outwards

Over the past 30 years, fast food icons have continuously tried to lure their customers right through their corridors with mouth-watering, delectable food that keeps getting unhealthier by the hour. As prices go down, someone’s chances of developing diabetes increase.

Many food products are surging in calories, size, and sodium. As obesity rates rise, fast food companies continue to make their products more detrimental to your well-being. A few researchers at Boston University and Tufts University studied 1,787 entrées, sides and desserts at 10 chains—Arby’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Dairy Queen, Hardee’s, Jack in the Box, KFC, Long John Silver’s, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s—from 1986 to 2016. The researchers found that in 2016, the average fast food dessert weighed 71 grams and had 186 calories more than in 1986, 30 years ago. One reason this might have happened is because restaurants are relying on larger desserts to increase the money customers spend on one visit.

I find this to be a very deceitful ploy by the fast food companies. Obesity rates are continuously rising as prices are decreasing because people will clearly buy products at lower prices. They could sell healthy food for low prices, but they proceed to give you very detrimental food. They can plant their own ingredients and save a lot of money, while keeping their food healthy. Lots of people jump at the chance to buy organic food. If this is true, lots of fast food companies can earn even more money. The gain in customers will compensate for all of the agricultural costs. This can be a possible solution. However, the majority of fast food companies apparently do not care about their customers’ health. Besides, most of them could afford agricultural costs without any increase in gains. If I were the owner of a fast food brand (for example, McDonalds), I would find a way to earn money and keep the health of my customers in good condition. I would have master businessmen on my team that would indeed find a way to accomplish this.