Ismaeel Akram

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Intel's fear of missing out

Intel has always primarily been a company specializing in processors but it is now diversifying. Recently, Intel released a prototype of its new GPU. Quite a bit earlier, Bob Swan, the CEO of Intel said that matching an NVIDIA GPU is “non-negotiable”.

I think that Intel should indeed diversify and make other types of technology. They would be great at efficiently using as much power in the smallest packages. If Intel began making GPUs or RAM, they would certainly earn more money.

They missed out on the opportunity for smartphones and that is one of their biggest regrets. The delay, miss in the smartphone market allowed Samsung and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to catch up to Intel. However, they can still make more money by expanding their market. One possible idea is for Intel to start making PCs. Intel already is a household name because of the sticker on almost everyone’s computer. If they made computers, they would automatically be trusted by people who might not even know what Intel is.

Mr. Swan wants to be the first in history to successfully marry ambition with discipline. You see this with many YouTubers. They aim to become popular but have to sell their dignity to do so.

Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, observed that every 2 years, the capabilities of processors would double. However, Moore’s Law seems to be fading. The idea of shrinking processors is slowing down. Processors have already gotten so small. If they keep shrinking, you might as well be holding one pin on the processor!

Intel has invested in almost everything ever created. If they have even the slightest glimpse of something new, they’ll buy it. Some of the things it bought is Altera (which makes reconfigurable server chips) and Mobileye (which gives self-driving cars sight).

To conclude, Intel has missed out on many opportunities. Despite the fact that it is a very successful company, it is short-eyed. It tends to look straight forward and not view anything not there. Intel looked directly at CPUs for computers and not for anything else such as the rising smartphone. They’ve surely realized they made these mistakes and are definitely not making it again.