Ismaeel Akram

This website is a dumbed-down version of the one to come.

Why you should have a home server

Setting up your own home server is easy. You should try it.

Handlebars, and why I love it

Handlebars is a great templating engine. Here's why.

Making a spider

Spiders are the sole reason why everything is so accessible on the internet. Here's how to easily make one.

Why I like to host my website on AWS servers

If you are looking to upgrade your website but not spend more money, AWS is the way to go. Here's why.

Google's Flutter and Dart

Google released their new React Native alternative called Flutter and with Flutter comes their new programming language, Dart.

Walmart's robot rage

Walmart is planning on implementing a revolutionary change to the way people grab their goods. It wants to acquire robots to help gather items, fill orders, and even carry things to a customer.

Intel's fear of missing out

Intel has always primarily been a company specializing in processors but it is now diversifying. Recently, Intel released a prototype of its new GPU. Let's see if it's any good.

Will crypto-currencies take over the world?

We all know about Bitcoin and how it is taking the world by storm. You may not know that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency and there are many others. The Wall Street Journal recently made its own cryptocurrency called WSJCoin.

How creepy is your smart speaker?

Technology has advanced far enough that we have artificial intelligence in our homes at all times. All it has is a microphone so far but soon they will use “lidar” technology.

The Corbyn Question

Ever since Brexit, the debacle brought about by Theresa May and the Conservative Party, occurred, Jeremy Corbyn has been more loved than ever. Theresa May has been dealing with so much hate even from within her party.

August View Smart Doorbell

The August View smart doorbell is just about the perfect smart doorbell/surveillance system for your home. Most other smart doorbells require hardwiring for power while this one runs on battery-power!

Bigger Upwards, Not Outwards

Over the past 30 years, fast food icons have continuously tried to lure their customers right through their corridors with mouth-watering, delectable food that keeps getting unhealthier by the hour.

The Man Unbroken By Solitary

Albert Woodfox, the man who spent four decades in solitary confinement and was found innocent has just authored a book called “Solitary” about his life in solitary confinement and how it is the torture of the modern day.