Ismaeel Akram

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Walmart's robot rage

Walmart is planning on implementing a revolutionary change to the way people grab their goods. It wants to acquire robots to help gather items, fill orders, and even carry things to a customer called the Alphabot system. Robots on wheels carrying baskets bag the items for pickup or send them to the delivery section.

I believe that this is a good addition to stores only if it is implemented right. If the robots are not made properly with time and effort, they will fail at their tasks and actually make things worse at Walmart. People would not receive their packages on time and even people in stores will be waiting for long periods of time only to hear their order got delayed because of the new things Walmart is trying out.

However, this change will not be as great as it sounds for Walmart employees. They would be losing their jobs and if Walmart is deploying more robots, so would other companies. If more companies added robots, countless others would lose their jobs. According to the Wall Street Journal, "A store worker can collect around 80 products from store shelves an hour. Alphabot is designed to collect 800 products an hour per workstation, operated by a single individual." If this is done right, it can change the lives of many people around the world.