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Why I like to host my website on AWS servers

For about 3-4 years, I had been hosting my website on GoDaddy's servers. Although it was simple for normal users, I felt like I had outgrown the "all managed for you" part. As I run my own personal servers, I thought I can take full advantage of my website by managing the hosting myself with the help of AWS. Here are some reasons why I like hosting with AWS:


With GoDaddy hosting, your control is through an interface called cPanel. Although cPanel gives you many options, it is still not the same as command-line control. With AWS, you get 100% control through console. I have so much control that I can make the fans of the server in North Virginia go faster and slower.


Cloudflare helps bring your site load times down and bring your security up. Many of the world's biggest websites use Cloudflare to prevent attacks and to make their users' experience more seamless. Cloudflare is something I definitely needed for my website. However, if you wanted to use Cloudflare, you would have to sacrifice cPanel because for some odd reason, GoDaddy's version of cPanel does not support Cloudflare. When this decision came up, I chose to sacrifice cPanel because I was fine with command-line access. But GoDaddy had struck me with its limitations again because I do not get command-line access, which left me with no control over my website. Once I switched back to GoDaddy's nameservers however, everything magically worked again. Now that I use AWS servers, I am able to use Cloudflare.


The website you are reading this post on is much faster than before. Even though you can get a very fast website with GoDaddy, the only way to match AWS' speeds would be to pay GoDaddy $60 a month while AWS costs $8 a month for more reliable, faster servers where you get full control. As I mentioned earlier, AWS allows me to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare makes my website load 50% faster than its already very fast speeds.


AWS is the best top-tier server platform and it still has the best price. You only pay for what you use. If this blog ever boosted because of one article, the bill would go higher. However, if I am not active on my website and nobody touches it, the bill would drop. I am a big fan of this system because of how fair it is. If the bill went higher it would not have been their fault, it would have been the product of success.